Rather Good Co.
Tor & Laura's Hand made Preserves & Liqueurs
About the Team

Chief picker and cook, often found under bushes and in the kitchen. Likes creating new recipes, tasting them and of course designing the labels and packaging.

Loves handing out the products and just hopes that you like them!


Ever patient Tor gets roped into the garden duties, he is regularly spotted up ladders, in trees and surrounded by prickles in the pursuit of the perfect fruit.

He has painstakingly joined the effort to eliminate caterpillars in an environmentally friendly manner - ie by hand, and is chief taste tester of all the recipes.

After a tough day foraging we do enjoy sitting in front of the log fire, picking thorns from our skin and enjoying a good cheese board with home made membrillo, some tasty jellies and a cheeky liqueur.

Dexter and Corbin:

The dynamic duo chase away the rabbits and deer, keep us company on foraging expeditions and are generally adorable.

With boundless energy, insatiable curiosity and very waggy tails, they are also rather good company. 

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