Rather Good Co.
Tor & Laura's Hand made Preserves & Liqueurs
About the Team
In 2010 Tor and I moved to North Auquharney, a lovely house with a fantastic walled garden surrounded by woods. the garden had established fruit trees and bushes, but the original wooden fruit cage had disintegrated over the years.

Tor's family rebuilt the fruit cage in the summer of 2011, it was a mammoth task!

We then thinned the plants, gave everything a good prune and crossed our fingers that we might get a few bowlfuls of fruit to enjoy in the sun that summer.

And boy oh boy did we get fruit!

We were astonished how much fruit we harvested our first year, but what started as delight at a few strawberries for our supper gradually turned into concern over what to do with the 5 and 10 kilo harvests that we were picking daily later in the season!

So Rather Good Co was born to ensure the fruit wasn't wasted.

The jams, jellies and liqueurs are just for fun, and just for friends.

Our friends, you see, are rather good company!

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